BigBrother Naija 2020 - One Show to Rule Them All!

Amidst the woes of the COVID-19 pandemic, Nigerians have found solace in different forms of entertainment. Some have taken to Netflix, others have gone to war on Twitter and an increasing number are now dancers on TikTok. All these, however, proved incapable of filling the Nigerian desire for quality human interactions, until BigBrother Naija Season 5 announced and scheduled to go live on the 19th of July 2020.

For the past 5 weeks, BigBrother has been the talk of the town, evidently clear from an average trend on twitter of over 60k tweets per day (Trend24 Nigeria, 2020). The 2019 edition of BigBrother Naija generated revenues of N7.2 billion from a total of 240 million votes. One can only imagine how much revenue this year’s BigBrother will generate, considering more fans/viewers are glued to their seats watching round the clock (Nairametrics, 2020). BigBrother’s popularity, however, does not come without criticism. The reality show has been criticised by religious leaders and government officials claiming the show portrays Nigerians as morally destitute and should be banned (Vanguard, 2020). This growing criticism, however, has done little to tarnish the popularity of the show among Nigerians and one can only ask ‘Why are Nigerians so attached to BigBrother?’

What gets humans attached to reality shows? Some claim this is driven by positive feelings like empathy and compassion while others claim it is driven by an unhealthy desire to intrude on others and to see them in their most private and embarrassing moments. Do you watch BigBrother Naija? Let’s know your thoughts below.  

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