Leadership in Nigeria: Who Will Go for Us?

We often hear the phrase “the light at the end of the tunnel” and in this regard, Nigerians have been resilient and steadfast in the pursuit of happiness. We long to see the day our national motto “Unity and Faith, Peace and Progress” holds true meaning to all of us. But as the days go by, the glimmer of light we long for seems to move further away from us.

Putting this into perspective, recent events in Nigeria just calls for a sigh with a big exclamation mark! Last week the House of Representatives summoned the Minister of Transportation, Minister of Finance and Budget Planning and Minister of Communications over a loan agreement which could see us concede sovereignty to China in the case of a default (Thisday, 2020). Furthermore, Mr President has remained mute regarding the large-scale fraud and mismanagement of about N81.5 billion (in 6months) by the Interim Management Committee of the Niger Delta Development Committee (Nairametrics, 2020). To top this up, the upcoming gubernatorial elections in states like Ondo and Edo have our politicians in a game of thrones which have brought about civil unrest in these areas.

All these events call for good governance at the very best and leaves us asking “who will go for us?” who will take the helm of leadership in Nigeria with one goal – improve the lives and livelihood of Nigerians. Nigerian lives matter but does it matter to our politicians? Let’s hear your take on leadership in Nigeria.

By 730views August 21, 2020 08:22:41 AM




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