Gaming in Nigeria: A Money Slice Half-Chewed

Victory is nigh!!! Those were the words on my mind the day I was closing in on defeating my grandma in a game of "Ayo". Several attempts, still the woman won't let the game end in sweet victory... fun times. In hindsight, I have come a long way from playing chess or monopoly with my siblings to owning my first Gameboy, long nights of Pro-Evo soccer to Temple Run and Angry Birds on my mobile phone. Whether it’s killing a dragon or saving a princess, games have always been a major source of entertainment. Still, the best of gaming is yet to come with the emergence of power consoles like the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, innovative games like multiplayer call of duty, new experiences on Virtual Reality (VR) devices and advancements in technology such as ray tracing.

In 2019, the gaming industry was worth $152 billion up 9.6% from last year; 51% of this figure amounting to mobile games (Dot Com Infoway, 2019) and it has been forecast that by 2021, there will be 2.7 billion gamers globally (Statista, 2020). With the internet and mobile penetration on the increase, Nigeria follows a similar trend with the rest of the world. Nigeria has over 60 million mobile gamers and generates a revenue of $600 million per annum (allcorrect, 2019). In Nigeria, however, most of the gaming revenue is attributed to online sports betting or gambling as some may say. This highlights the question of why non-betting games in Nigeria is still at its infancy as industry experts claim Nigerian games are not original and just don't match up to the standard of their global contemporaries.

Nigerians have different preferences for gaming and betting games seem to be the leading genre. What will you say is right up your street when it comes to gaming?

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