Wakanda & Nigeria – A Tale of Two Opposites

Wakanda, a fictional country located in Sub-Saharan Africa, created by Marvel Comics, depicts a high tech self-sustaining African nation. Wakanda is so advanced in technology, it manufactures everything it needs. With advanced healthcare, transportation and communication systems, Wakanda has little to envy outside its borders. Plus its citizens are proud of its systems, products and loyal to their leaders.

Nigeria, the self-acclaimed ‘giant of Africa’ depicts a nation opposite to Wakanda in many ways. We manufacture almost nothing by ourselves, our healthcare system is often shunned by our leaders and elite and we don’t even prefer our products (beyond clothing). Our power system has an operational capacity of 4000MW and about 40% of the population have no access to electricity. Our network of roads and airlines are envied by no one and are best avoided if you can. Although we elect our leaders, we are hardly ever happy with our choices. For a lot of Nigerians, the Nigerian dream is to go overseas to study and work (hoping never to come back) a stance opposite to that of a Wakandan citizen.

Will Nigeria ever be self-sustaining? Will we ever choose our gadgets over foreign ones, ride Nigerian cars and build Nigerian trains? Will Nigerians ever be happy with our leaders? Can we truly call ourselves giants?

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